The core system of ROSANA-ML has been implemented in Common Lisp and has been run under Allegro Common Lisp, Version 4.3 for Linux as well as under Xanalys Lispworks 4.2.0 for Linux. It is made up of 12,461 lines of LISP source code (including a basic graphical user interface for Xanalys Lispworks). The architecture of the system is modular, i.e. it supports the adaptation to different syntactic analysis frontends.

A seperate software module, comprising 2,846 lines of LISP code, implements the formal measures for the corpus-based evaluation.

At current, the core system of ROSANA-ML is neither technically coupled with the FDG (Functional Dependency Grammar) Parser for English nor with the C4.5 implementation for Unix of the University of Regina (Release 8.0 for Unix) employed for learning the decision trees. Rather, it processes the results of the syntactic analysis as well as the learned decision trees in an offline manner, i.e. it reads in the syntactic descriptions as well as the decision trees from files that have been produced beforehand.


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